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A luxury beyond compare. HOTELICA is a magnificent webiste that is suitable for 1,2,3,4 & 5-star hotels and other luxurious resorts. Every inch oozing with luxury and splendor, it’s also your best bet for hotel management. Integrated with the WP Hotel Booking Plugin, and he solves your entire booking system efficiently. 

Main features of HOTELICA

Offline payment

Still hesitate about online payment method? No worries, Awebooking also supports offline payment, which is useful for people who would prefer to mail a check.

Create & Manage Booking

All bookings will be stored and changeable. Especially, admin can change the booking status from Pending to Completed and vice versa.

Event and Package management

Create an unlimited number of Event Rooms and Packages with different extra setting options. and set them up on pages and sections .

maximum adult
child amount

Easily change the number of guests (adults or children), not only for room types but also for each individual room

Features of HOTELICA

  • We are committed to our promises and work with transparency and a clear vision.
  • Your satisfaction is our goal and you are treated in a humane manner based on friendliness and mutual respect.
  • The after sales service is the first and finally the literary commitment to our customers.
  • We are always keen to develop the system of communication and technical support with our customers.
  • We are keen to provide our services in the best possible form for our use of the latest and best technologies.
  • We are working with a clear strategy with a carefully thought out plan for our clients to ensure the best service and results.
  • We are keen to provide unique and unique services to make the difference between our customers and our competitors.

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